Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Number 2

I'm actually in shock of my lack of posting but life is busy and we've all been sick. What can I say?
One day I really will be better at this, right? Yeah, I'm certain. One day.

Well, my number TWO turned TWO over 2 months ago now.  He is my tractor loving, spoiled rotten, mischievous, sweet sweet Ben. I love him so very much. He keeps life fun and gray in my hair. He really is one of a kind. He's the reason they make safety features. He loves to plug in electrical things, write on my couch with a Sharpie, eat play doh and crayons, stick raisins up his nose, climb on counters and stairs, and chew through a peanut butter Snickers he found in a Halloween bucket (when he is allergic to peanuts). He really likes to cause his momma stress. Lots of it.

He love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, tractors, horses, chickens, candy and his big brother. There isn't a dull moment when he is around- I can promise that. He knows his colors, can count to 14 and can sing his ABC's. He is just like his brother in that he loves to read and doesn't forget a thing. He can carry on a conversation more like a 3 year old. He's amazing. He brings a light into my world that I never knew I was missing. He wears me out daily but I wouldn't trade my Benny for anything in this world!

Thank you Lord for this precious blonde haired boy of mine!

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